Naturally Brighten Your Smile

If a sparkling white smile is your priority, you may have tried home remedy after home remedy in an attempt to attain that dazzling smile. You might have worked your way through dozens of Pinterest life hacks and brand after brand of at-home whitening kits, just trying to figure out which one could remove the dull yellow from your teeth and keep them white.

But what if a solution to naturally brighten your smile was waiting for you in your produce drawer?

Believe it or not, many foods contain natural properties that fight off stains, whether acting as a bleaching agent, a plaque fighter, or even an organic toothbrush! Let’s explore five foods that are beneficial to keeping your smile healthy and bright.

1. Baking Soda

You may have run across this among Pinterest life hacks. It’s true—baking soda doesn’t just belong in baked goods! The common baking staple is quite useful when it comes to brightening up dull teeth. This is due to baking soda’s mild abrasive property, which gives it the ability to scrub stains off your teeth. Research has also shown that baking soda reduces plaque and gingivitis, because its tiny grains disrupt the bacteria clinging to your tooth. To implement this whitener, many people simply opt for a toothpaste that includes baking soda.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Did you know that when you eat almonds, you are exfoliating your teeth? While the baking soda trick is a more well-known, many people may not realize that seeds and needs have a natural ability to lighten your teeth. Research has found that, “Structurally, seeds and nuts essentially work as exfoliants for your teeth. The abrasive texture of sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, and cashews can actually strip stains from your enamel, buffing away discoloration and whitening the surface of teeth.”

Nuts and seeds do more than simply provide a quick, delicious protein boost. They can also serve to cleanse your teeth in the process.

3. Apples

What if some of the same ingredients in your toothpaste were found in apples? Apples are a great natural remedy for whitening teeth as they contain large quantities of an ingredient known as malic acid, the same acid that shows up in some toothpastes. It’s been shown that, “Just chewing on apples helps scrub your teeth.” The malic acid in apples has also been demonstrated to increase your mouth’s saliva, helping it clean your teeth and wash away stains, further boosting the whitening effect.

4. Broccoli

Meet broccoli: the natural toothbrush! Yes, when you eat raw broccoli, its bristly texture can actually scrub and polish your teeth. And that’s not all—broccoli is also high in iron. The European Journal of Dentistry found that this iron allows it to effectively fight stains and cavities by combatting enamel-eroding acids. Furthermore, its fiber content reduces troublesome inflammation in the mouth (as well as the rest of the body). If you’re looking for a healthy and bright smile, broccoli is one of the most useful natural remedies you’ll find.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple is unique—and no, not just because it’s tropical and delicious. Sources have found that, “Pineapple is the only food that naturally contains bromelain-a compound with anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.”

What is bromelain, and how does it factor into a discussion on healthy, bright teeth? Bromelain is simply an enzyme, but it’s been suggested that it may be beneficial in naturally whitening teeth. Bromelain can also dissolve a certain type of protein that sticks to your teeth and absorbs pigments from your foods, making it a natural stain remover.

Lightening Up

Each of these five foods have been shown to make at least some sort of improvement on dull, yellowed teeth. If you’re looking for ways to naturally brighten your smile, these are great place to start.

However, science has shown that while each of these may have some benefit, they also may have drawbacks in other areas. For example, pineapple, which can be beneficial because of the enzyme bromelain, is also acidic, and too much acid can wear away at your protective coating of enamel.

If you would like the most potent whitening treatment while reducing potential side effects, consider in-office whitening. Call Hiawassee Family Dental today, and we would be happy to schedule an appointment for professional treatment! Until then, happy snacking.

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