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Changes to Your Dental Appointment Due to COVID-19

At Hiawassee Family Dental, we understand that COVID-19 requires a new way of doing things. We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to keep you and our staff safe by closely following the ADA’s guidelines for dental practices. With that in mind, we wanted to make you aware of what to expect when you come in for your next dental appointment.

Our doctors and staff appreciate your patience as we adjust to meet new demands. With that said, you can rest assured that we will still be providing you with the safest and best dental care possible!

Arriving for Your Appointment

Our waiting area is currently closed due to the coronavirus. Instead of coming inside when you arrive, call the front desk from your vehicle and let one of our staff members know which is yours. They will come to your vehicle, greet you, and walk you through the new appointment process. 

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will help us to get set up more quickly and provide you with the fastest service possible.


Once you’ve been greeted, a staff member will help with any paperwork and forms that you need to fill out. Again, arriving early will help us prepare and get you into the office faster for your scheduled appointment.

Before Entering the Office

A staff member will take your temperature once your forms and paperwork have been filled out. This is to help ensure that you aren’t running a fever, which is a symptom of COVID-19. Face masks are also required to enter and exit the office. Both of these measures are to help protect future patients and our staff from COVID-19 infection.

Other Visitors and Assistants

We are currently asking for anyone accompanying you to your appointment to please wait in your vehicle. Space is limited inside due to our waiting area being closed and they won’t be able to come into the procedure room with you.

You will be able to bring health assistants such as nurses and caregivers inside with you. Just be aware that they will have to go through the same screening process that you do. This means having their temperature checked as well as wearing a mask while entering and exiting the office.

Changes to Our Office

We’ve made some upgrades to our office in order to better protect you and our staff from COVID-19. Along with our staff wearing face masks, you’ll notice that we have installed plexiglass dividers between the front desk and waiting area to prevent the spread of the virus. We’re also proud to announce the installation of a new air filtration system for our office. This system meets clinical office standards and is designed to eliminate up to 99% of viruses and germs in our office.

Canceled Appointments

We are currently in the process of contacting patients to reschedule appointments that were canceled due to COVID-19. We have a lot of catching up to do on this front and we appreciate your patience and flexibility while rescheduling. Please call or email us if you’re not contacted by someone from our office in the near future.

To make an appointment with Hiawassee Family Dental, give us a call at (706) 896-1204 or email us at

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